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Beloved Cowboy

Casual arrangement of sunflowers, orange gerbera daisies, purple liatris, and wildflowers. Rope is optional.
1 x Silvery blue vase arrangement
1 x Memory Stone heart
1 x Casket spray of red gerberas and blue delphinium
1 x Pink peony ensemble
1 x Grand casket spray of red and white roses
1 x Large LED Candle
1 x Stylized heart easel spray
1 x Casket spray of blue and yellow
1 x Bright Spring Meadow Basket
1 x Easel spray of sunflowers and orange gerbera daisies
1 x Soft peach roses
1 x Casket spray of mauves and soft green
1 x Bold and Beautiful
1 x Exotic green and burgundy
1 x Tall Memory Stone Candleholder
1 x Red, white & blue swirl easel
1 x High Style Tropical
1 x Large Angel Luminary
1 x Lime and pink floral basket
1 x Large Iris Heart Memory Stone
1 x Creamy yellow woodland basket
1 x Easel of Red Roses and Sunflowers
1 x Lavendar rose casket spray
1 x Patriotic tribute
1 x Patriotic easel spray
1 x Breath of Spring
1 x Pedestal vase of pink peonies
1 x Small LED Candle
1 x Lavender blue grapevine cross
1 x Orange roses and lilies easel spray
1 x Memory Stone heart
1 x In Loving Memory Book
1 x Easel of white calla lilies and stock
1 x Elegant pink basket arrangement
1 x Lime Spiders and White Roses
1 x Mauve Roses Casket Spray
1 x Natural white casket spray
1 x Modern, feminine casket spray
1 x Lavender easel spray
1 x Exotic pink easel spray
1 x Small Angel Luminary
1 x Mosaic Cross
1 x Autumn Expression
1 x Angel Memory Stone
1 x Natural pot of white roses and blue delphinium
1 x Grapevine wreath with pink lilies
1 x Red and pink roses easel spray
1 x Tall basket of red roses and bells of Ireland
1 x Red rose easel spray
1 x Pink Spring Bouquet
1 x White Metal Lantern
1 x Easel of Star Gazers and Red Roses
1 x Pink lilies casket spray
1 x Stargazer basket